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Our History

 A woman  who made a difference

 A salute to Mrs. Adelaide Hoodless

Ruth Fenner received the Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Award at the Founder's Lunch celebration, Fulford Hall,
Salt Spring Island,
February 24th, 2018

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Current Projects

B.C. and Canadian:
  • 1909–2009 British Columbia Women's Institute Centennial Commemorative History Book Project.
  • Labelling of genetically engineered foods. The Ram's Horn newsletter is a good source for more information.
  • Genetic Engineering Task Force sponsored the July 18, 2003 visit by Percy Schmeiser, the Saskatchewan canola grower involved in a legal battle with bio-tech giant Montsanto. He shared his knowledge and experience and reviewed the long-term impacts of genetic engineering (GE) technology on agriculture.visit
  • Supplying 4-H leaders, instructors, and judges.
  • Supporting local fall fairs and exhibitions.
  • Working with Agriculture Awareness(agAware BC).
  • Promoting use of local foods.
  • Ongoing support (monetary and materials) for the Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children and the British Columbia Children's Hospital Foundation.
  • Creative Arts Legacy Fund Workshops to help preserve crafts and to teach participants how to do more for themselves (example workshops). To request a workshop, contact a local branch.
  • Support of the Adelaide Hoodless Homestead heritage site.
  • Support for the Peace Gardens on the Canada/United States border.
  • Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC).
  • School supplies for the former Yugoslavia.
  • Operation Christmas Child. Shoebox-sized gift boxes of useful items for children.
In the works:
  • Mentoring programs.

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Branch Contacts
Cedar, 1924
Cobble Hill, 1920
Colwood, 1909
Langford, 1914
Royal Oak, 1911
Salt Spring Island, 1920
Shirley, 1924
Somenos, 1936

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